FlyKargo engages passenger airlines in an unique way whereby airlines can monetize excess and perishable cargo capacity without having to invest in cargo assets. 

Our Mission

To build and operate a significant airline centric cargo business opportunity for world's low cost airlines. We understand a rapidly changing landscape in the field of logistics and particularly express shipping needs an out-of-the-box solution. We aim to provide airlines with all the necessary components of the air cargo logistics supply chain so airlines can benefit from the remarkable demand generated by e-commerce logistics. 

FlyKargo has assembled a remarkable team of people, processes and technologies that could be a game changer for the air cargo marketplace.
— Robert Martinelli, Director Customer Experience Effectiveness, JetBlue

What We've Achieved

  • Engaged JetBlue for a pilot of managed air cargo services.

  • Established a sales team with capability to sell air cargo in global markets.

  • Engaged ground handlers with the most amount of cargo handling experience.

  • Deployed best practices of operating a air cargo business.

  • Established security protocols that make air cargo safe.

  • Trained staff in appropriate business processes. 

  • Created a management team to deliver global managed cargo services.

  • Implemented cloud based solutions that can be accessed by all business partners.